Our Functions

The following are the core functions:

    • Collect the tourism levy imposed under section 105 of this Act or any other written law;
    • Establish, equip and control such other tourism and hospitality training institutions as it may be necessary upon approval by the Minister;
    • Formulate sound policies for the regulation and management of the Fund;
    • Solicit for funds and other assistance to promote the object for which the Fund is established;
    • Determine the amounts of money payable for the purposes of the Fund and formulate the conditions for disbursement;
    • Invest any surplus funds not immediately required in securities approved by the Treasury, for the purposes of realizing the objects and purpose for which the Fund is established;
    • Establish a tourism training revolving fund;
    • Keep and maintain audited accounts of the Fund and publish the accounts in the manner approved by the Treasury;
    • Cause to be kept all proper books and records of account of the income, expenditure, assets and liabilities of the Fund;
    • Receive any gifts, donations, grants or endowments made to the Fund, and to make legitimate disbursements; and
    • Perform any other functions that are ancillary to the objects and purpose for which the Fund is established.

Our Objective and Purpose

These include to finance:

    • Development of tourism products and services;
    • Marketing of Kenya as a tourist destination through the Tourism Board;
    • Activities of the Protection Service;
    • Tourism research, tourism intelligence and the national tourism information management system;
    • Activities of the Tourism Sector Safety, Communication and Crisis Management Centre;
    • Training and capacity development activities; and
    • To mobilize resources to support tourism-related activities.