Updated Date: 28th April, 2020

  1. All restaurants shall operate between 05.00am and 4.00pm
  2. Restaurants must limit the number of diners or customers to 4 people for every 10 square metres space.
  3. Tables in the dining areas must be spaced 1.5 metres apart in the dining area or seat customer groups at least 1.5 metres apart
  4. Maintain distance from the back of one chair to the other chair not less than a metre and guests must face each other from a distance of at least one metre.
  5. Alcohol shall only be sold with a meal in the restaurant and only be served to customers waiting to be served a meal, or 30 minutes after the meal as ended.
  6. Temporarily discontinue self-service of ready-to-eat foods such as salad bars or buffets
  7. Customers to have their meals delivered individually to the dining table by appointed restaurant stewards. If buffet meals are served the service shall be by only one person appointed by the restaurant.
  8. Restaurants to ensure quality and safety of food, to rinse and sanitize food contact surfaces, disinfect surfaces, floors and counters.
  9. Install adequate portable running water and accessible washing basins for hand washing purposes, install alcohol based-hand sanitizers at the entrance and exit points.
  10. Restaurants and eateries must install a contact free thermometer and ensure that every person entering the entering the premises has his/her body temperature taken.
  11. Any staff member or reveler with temperature above 37.5 degrees shall not be allowed entry into the premises shall immediately notify the Ministry of Health trough the toll free no 719 for guidance.
  12. Ensure physical distancing (1 metre – 3 feet) in food preparation areas.