The Chief Executive Officer shall, subject to the direction of the Board, be responsible for:-

  1. Providing guidance and management to the Fund to ensure achievement of TF strategic objectives; executing and communicating the Trustee’s strategies, decisions and policies;

  2. Developing and recommending to the Trustee the annual business plans for TF; providing regular, thorough and prompt communication to the Trustee on key technical, financial and administrative matters;

  3. Ensuring that TF has effective management structure including succession plans;

  4. Serving as the link between the Trustee and the management;

  5. Ensuring that the Trustee delivers on its mandate as stipulated under section 69 of the Tourism Act No 28 of 2011; convening Trustee’s meetings in consultation with the Chairperson and secretary thereof;

  6. Assigning all government and donor grant agreements and contracts and related documentation on behalf of FT;

  7. Identifying and sourcing for favorable development partners; ensuring that annual financial audit is conducted and recommendations addressed;

  8. Developing and implementing effective human resource management and administrative policies and systems;

  9. Being responsible for stakeholder management and the enhancement of the corporate image of the Fund;

  10. Ensuring preparation of the annual budgets and establishing proper internal controls;

  11. Spearheading the development and implementation of efficient systems that support the effective use of the Fund’s resources; and

  12. Overseeing performance management in the Fund.

  13. Providing leadership to the employees and maintaining a conducive work environment for attracting, retaining and motivating employees

  14. Ensuring that all Board papers are accurately written, are relevant and are availed to the Board members in good time

  15. Serving as the link between the Board and the Management

  16. Putting in place effective administrative structures, processes and systems (u) Providing regular, thorough and prompt communication to the Board on key technical, financial and administrative matters

  17. Fostering a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices, good corporate citizenship and compliance with the law

  18. Any other responsibility as may be necessary to achieve the Corporation’s objectives.