Governance and Executive

The Board of Trustees is responsible for  corporate governance in the organization, as guided by Mwongozo.  This is the structure and systems of rules practices and process by which the organization stewardship, leadership direction and control is  exercised. It involves balancing the interests of  all stakeholders and provides a framework for achieving the objectives of the organization while creating benchmarks for measurement of performance and disclosure.

The Board is also  the supreme forum for formulating & interpreting policy and charting out the roadmap for goal attainment including plans of action. The Trustees attach great importance to the need to conduct the business and operations of the Fund with integrity, professionalism and in accordance with international corporate practice.

Committees of the Board

The Board has three standing committees that meet under the terms of reference set out by the Board, namely:

Finance and Strategy Committee

The finance committee reviews the annual budget and is responsible for the financial policies of the Fund.

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

The committee is responsible for reviewing audit reports, compliance with relevant laws, procedures and standards, quality of financial reporting and oversight on internal controls among others.

Staff and Technical Committee

The committee is responsible for monitoring and appraising the performance management, reviewing of human resource policies and making recommendations on issues to do with general staff welfare to the board.

Revenue Management and Projects Committee

The committee is responsible for monitoring and appraising projects.


Executive Office

The Tourism Fund Executive Office sets our strategic direction and monitors delivery of our commitments to government and the tourism establishments as well as the country. Its focus is on the strategic matters that relate to the direction and positioning of the organisation.

Levy Services

Levy directorate complies of 2 departments – Levy Compliance and enforcement If you’re trying to do the right thing, we’re committed to understanding your situation and helping you where possible.


The Finance department assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities for financial reporting, the fund’s financial and performance reporting responsibilities, risk management approaches, and system of internal control.

Corporate Strategy & Resource Mobilization

This directorate shapes and guides the ongoing development and use of the Tourism Fund roadmap, to ensure that Tourism Fund is focused on the right priorities at the right time to achieve its aspirations

Corporate Communication & Marketing

This department addresses matters relating to PR and oversees the development and implementation of new communication and Marketing-related policies and the Fund’s PR/ CSR strategy, programmes and activities.

Corporation Secretary and Legal Services

Our Corporation Secretary and Legal Services develop implementation plans, monitor progress, evaluate the laws and various acts, and ensures Tourism Fund complies with the existing law

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department is responsible for providing assurance regarding the effectiveness of the Fund’s internal control, risk management, governance process, financial and non-financial performance management system to the management and the Board Audit Committee of the Board.