Directorate of Corporate Strategy & Resource Mobilization

Has the following three departments;

Resource Mobilization Department

The Department is responsible for the following key functions –

  1. Develop, implement and review the Fund’s resource mobilization strategy;
  2. Implement policies and programmers for resource mobilization
  3. Develop and coordinate strategic linkages to support tourism and hospitality institutions
  4. Develop proposals for funding of tourism and hospitality related activities
  5. Coordinate resource mobilization activities

Research, Strategy and Planning department


  1. Developing & reviewing corporate strategic and business plans, objectives, strategies, policies and budgets
  2. Coordination & preparation of annual Corporate & Departmental PCs.
  3. Spearheading the formulation, review and interpretation of planning, monitoring and evaluation policies;
  4. Coordinating the development, implementation and evaluation of the Fund’s
  5. Performance Contract and Master plan;
  6. Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on progress in the implementation of projects and programmes;
  7. Carrying out service delivery surveys in line with the service charter
  8. Develop and implement the Fund’s Research strategy and policies.
  9. Provide strategic direction for research related innovation of the Fund.
  10. Ensure that research and innovation is embedded in all areas of operations in the Fund.
  11. Timely and efficient implementation of Research strategy.
  12. Ensure that Research is effectively used to support the business objectives of the Fund.

Quality Assurance & Risk Management Department


  1. Initiate the developing of a risk management policy and framework for the Fund;
  2. Implement the risk management policy and strategies ;
  3. Initiate the development of the risk appetite framework
  4. Ensure that risk registers are operational at all department levels.
  5. Advising on risk mitigation strategies;
  6. Ensure that the Fund is implementing all relevant local and international standards;
  7. Keep up to date on relevant standards and provide strategic advice and guidance to the Fund;
  8. Coordinating the implementation of quality management system
  9. Serves as the quality Management Representative.