Finance and Accounts Department

The Department will be responsible for the following functions: –

  1. Preparation of robust financial systems and procedures to guide financial matters in the Fund;
  2. Develop financial controls to ensure prudent usage and management of financial resources;
  3. Preparation and submission of financial statements as required by the law;
  4. Develop and evaluate financial systems and make recommendations for improvement;
  5. Identify incidences of non-compliance with laid down financial systems and financial risks facing the Fund;
  6. Liaise with other Departments so as to ensure that financial and related regulations are complied with and where applicable give procedural guidance including dealing with any staff enquiries on any payment related matters;
  7. Develop and implement expenditure controls so as to ensure that financial expenditure is planned, controlled and properly authorized;
  8. Preparation of Fund’s annual budget by consolidation of all departmental budgets as per Government Policy and presentation to the Board for approval;
  9. Submission of annual budget to Government as required by law;
  10. Oversee the mobilization of financial resources to support the programmes in the strategic plan;
  11. Coordinate the preparation of the Fund’s annual work plans and budgets;
  12. Carry out budgetary control;
  13. Management of accounts payables and receivable;
  14. Oversee the management of the Fund’s financial investment and assets;
  15. Coordinate the preparation and interpret financial statements, management accounts and reports as required by the law;
  16. Coordinate development and implementation of finance policies and procedures;
  17. Co-ordinate financial audit by the Kenya National Audit Office (KENAO) to the end and respond to all issues raised in the management letter;
  18. Advise on Government policies on financial matters;
  19. Advise management and Board on financial matters;
  20. Preparation of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual performance reports and submit them to the Director, Corporate Services.
  21. Any other duties assigned by the Director Corporate Services from time to time.

Information Communication Technology Department

The Division will be responsible for the following functions: –

  1. Formulate long-term system strategy for the computerization process in the Fund;
  2. Develop and implement ICT Departmental plans, policies, systems, norms and procedures;
  3. Provide support to the implemented systems and ensure their availability;
  4. Establish and provide standards for Voice, Radio, Video and Data communications/IT networks for all offices/stations of the Fund
  5. Acquisition, implementation and management of IT Infrastructure i.e. Production servers, Local/Wide Area Networks at the Head office, and all regional offices;
  6. Review IT requirements and coordinate technical and functional improvements of the information systems in collaboration with end-users;
  7. Develop, implement and continuously review system security, back-up and recovery procedures;
  8. Develop and maintain ICT Business Continuity plan through implementing necessary Disaster Recovery interventions/Plan that would support the Fund’s business during times of unforeseen disaster;
  9. Implement programs for safeguarding data integrity of all systems and ensure system availability through the necessary technical support/upgrades;
  10. Develop and implement guidelines on distribution, Installation, upgrade, maintenance and replacement of ICT Infrastructure and Promote the use of cost effective IT and telecommunication solutions;
  11. Spear head cultural/behavioural change initiatives within the Fund when introducing new technology;
  12. Promote technological innovations to enhance the TF’s efficiency;
  13. Establish operational linkages with other departments and regions of the Fund to facilitate efficiency;
  14. Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Human Resource and Administration Department

The functions of Human Resource and Administration Department are as follows:

  1. Formulate and implement sound Human Resource Management and Administrative policies and strategies to attract, motivate and retain staff;
  2. Ensure human capital training and development policies are consistent with the current development and the organization’s strategic plans;
  3. Coordinate the administrative duties to facilitate the effective operation of the Fund;
  4. Coordinate the design of the Fund’s training and development programmes based on both the Fund’s and individual needs;
  5. Advise on performance management strategies and targets;
  6. Coordinate the timely preparation of Human Resource Management and Administration budget;
  7. Ensure maintenance and compliance with Quality Management Systems;
  8. Ensure compliance with all the statutory and regulatory requirements relating to Human Resource Management and Administration;
  9. Recruit, select, induct, placement and develop human capital;
  10. Develop and manage staff welfare scheme and manage payroll;
  11. Coordinate occupational health and safety, training and development of staff;
  12. Manage staff separation;
  13. Coordinate office maintenance, equipment, machines, security, transport and logistics;
  14. Manage allocation of office space; and
  15. Ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.