Corporation Secretary and Legal Services Department


  1. Providing Legal counsel to both the Board. This includes Advising on new rules/laws/regulations that may affect the operations of the Organization;
  2. Ensuring compliance in the Implementation of the constitution and the TF Act and other relevant laws;
  3. Carrying out Legal audits to ensure statutory compliance;
  4. Developing and implementation of divisional targets and work plans;
  5. Interfacing with all the departments within the Fund;
  6. Developing and negotiating of partnership instruments between TF and other partners e.g. the county Governments;
  7. Developing and implementing of the Code of Ethics for the Board;
  8. Undertaking Secretarial services to the Board of Directors and Board Committees.
  9. Ensuring the development and implementation of Governance structures in the organization;
  10. Liaising with the Chief Executive Officer in preparing of Board papers and undertaking minutes during Board meetings;
  11. Ensuring proper communication and implementation of Board resolutions by Management;
  12. Ensuring the Board is on course in providing the required strategic leadership in order to achieve its strategic objectives.
  13. Custodian of important Company documents, the Company seal and register;
  14. Developing and implementing of the Board manual, Terms of Reference and the
  15. Code of Ethics for both the Board of Directors and Board Committees;
  16. Developing and implementing of an annual Board Schedule;
  17. Keeping the Board informed of all new developments;
  18. Undertaking annual Board evaluation;
  19. Developing and in the implementing Governance structures within the Fund. This includes the Board manual, board charter and code of ethics for both the staff and the Board of Directors.